Websites for Practice: - fun, short interactive video games to help students gain mastery in addition/subtraction/multiplication/integers/fractions. Makes math mastery fun! - excellent website for building easily customizable worksheets for short drills. They also have a useful, free typing tutor. - GREAT free practice pages on Pre-Algebra © Algebra II

Recommended Math Curriculum: - An adaptive on-line computer math program that is FANTASTIC for review and filling in gaps in mathematical knowledge. - great curriculum for math mastery. The website also has extra worksheet generators to help when extra help is needed.

For the student needing a challenge, anything in Edward Zaccaro's challenge math series

For high school, engineering and science bound, two recommendations

Paul Forester - Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus

Harold Jacobs - Elementary Algebra and Geometry

Blogs: - wonderful list of resources for all things homeschooling. Started by a former TPA newsletter editor. - math discussions on all things math (math curriculum and math philosophy). - GREAT website with all kinds of useful information like the Daily Brain Teaser.



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