Algebra II

Grading Policy

Homework and test scores are components of your grade. There will be extra credit available from time to time. Here is how your grade will be calculated:

Homework 40%
Tests 60%
Extra Credit 5% extra

Homework - Every week you will recieve 5 points when you turn in all of your homework. I will drop your two lowest homework scores over the year

Tests - Tested are scored on a 100% scale.

Extra Credit - Occaisionally, I will provide options for extra credit. If you email a troublesome problem to me by Tuesday at noon and if that problem is used in class, you will get 5 extra credit points.

Your First Extra Credit Assignment - Email me the name of the animal on the Success Strategies page.

You have until Septmber 14th to get these 5 extra credit points.

If you want to know your current grade, or if you have missing assignments, email me.

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