A love of math can be nurtured in any child!

Confidence and competence come from mastery of fundamental math operations. I help students achieve math mastery through tutoring and co-op math classes.


Come share in the excitement!


Math is a skill I can help you






Marna Marteeny
(425) 681-6132

Register for Kingsgate Classes

Python Programming

Register: http://py-kids.com

When: Sept 26 - Dec 5, Tuesdays
Time: 2:50 - 4:05 PM
Cost: $350 bring your school (or own) laptop
Where: Kamiakin Middle School


Friday Math Classes

11:00-11:15   Algebra II
11:30-12:30   Algebra I
12:30-1:30   Pre-Algebra I
5:00-6:00   Algebra II

Math classes start September 15, 2017

Email cedarforest7@gmail.com to register for math classes


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